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Butterfly Release

group release butterflies

This years Butterfly Release was a warm success thanks to the wonderful people from Peak Hospice, Canyon Home Care & Hospice and Premier Funeral Services. With a special thank you to the Chaplains Shawna Lovejoy, Trish Withus, and Sharn.

Friends and families gathered Saturday, June 24 at Sugar House Park in the Mt Olympus Pavilion. We enjoyed meeting one another and releasing the butterflies in remembrance and honor of our loved ones.

It is written in the Bereaved Bill of Rights: You have the right to find, develop, and use meaningful rituals to commemorate the memory of your loved one.

With grace filled intention to heal, pay tribute and honor your soft spoken loved ones, we have chosen as a symbol, the butterfly, which represents “Transformation. “ Families had a collective moment to release a butterfly and remember what it meant for your loved one to have lived. Life is full of connection, despite the loss.

If you would like to know more about the Butterfly Release program please call:

Chaplain & Bereavement Coordinator, Shawna Lovejoy 702.308.8700

Chaplain & Bereavement Coordinator, Trish Withus 801.918.6213

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