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Home Health & Post Surgery Care

Providing Healing Your Way, in Your Home

Home healthcare is skilled nursing care and rehabilitation

therapy services you receive in your home. 

Canyon Home Care & Hospice provides quality care you can trust. Our comprehensive
disease management and rehabilitation programs differentiate us from other providers
in the state. We are committed to coordinating and communicating with you and your
family to make the most of home health services. Our wealth of information and our
years of experience, allows us to coordinate the care you or your loved one needs.


Home Health Services Available:
  • Case Management: Case Management allows Canyon Home Care & Hospice to completely manage a person’s medical necessities and to coordinate all the various types of skills and services you or your loved one may need. 


  • Skilled Nursing/CNA services: Skilled Nursing/CNA services are typically covered by Medicare or Medicaid for those who have a skilled nursing need. In this situation, a nurse will come by frequently to treat and evaluate your needs and care, supplemented by trained C.N.A.’s to assist with bathing, dressing and meals. Our staff can usually provide an assessment within a few hours of your call, letting you know what services are available and which ones Medicare or Medicaid will cover. Our RNs are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 


  • Private Duty Nursing/Aides: Private Duty Nursing is available, and is sometimes covered by insurance, though typically not covered by Medicare or Medicaid. It is important to carefully consider all your options when you have a skilled nursing need that exceeds the coverage of Medicare or other insurance policies. Sometimes a private duty nurse can offer care that will speed recovery and bring loved ones greater peace of mind. 


  • Rehabilitation Therapies: Physical, Occupational and Speech therapies provide an opportunity to restore normal functionality to patients. Anyone with limited movement or difficulty with daily living activities can benefit from physical therapy. Occupational therapy assists with improving small motor actions such as dressing, eating, brushing teeth and shaving. Patients who struggle to communicate or understand the communication of others may benefit from Speech therapy. All therapists are fully trained and licensed by the State of Utah.


  • Other Therapies: Canyon Home Care & Hospice offers other services for patient needs including: Social Services, IV Infusion therapy, Wound Care, Diabetic Care, Pain Management, Medication Management and more.

We Specialize in:
  • Skilled Nursing

  • Rehabilitation Services: PT, OT & ST

  • Wound Care

  • Pain Management

  • Diabetes Management

  • Coumadin Management

  • IV Therapy – set up and administration

  • Home Health Aides

  • Medical Social Worker

  • Surgical Recovery

  • Stroke Recovery

  • Tube Feeding

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation


  • Chronic Kidney Disease

  • Durable Medical Equipment

  • Lab draws



Deficiencies for Home Health in Utah

Like many people, you may not know what services are available from
Home Health or Personal Care Agencies, or whether your insurance policy
covers any or all of these services. Canyon Home Care & Hospice has staff
dedicated to providing you with information and guiding you through the
maze of insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits and plans.


Please call Canyon Home Care & Hospice at 801.485.6166 for more information.
Visit our Locations page to find an office near you.

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