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Best Chaplain Ever!

Chaplain Shawna Lovejoy is all heart! Thank you Shawna for all the love and joy you share with others. Shawna is pictured here with a quilt she made for one of her flock. She made this quilt from the house dresses that her friend wore. Truly a labor of love and an incredible gift to the daughter.

shawna with quilt

“I just want to thank you again so so much for my beautiful quilt.... I know it was made with so much love. You are such a wonderful person hawna, momma loved you so much and I thank you for being there for her.

I’m snuggling with moms/my quilt. I know it will help heal me, I really feel like I have her with me and if I can’t hug her, I can at least feel like I’m being hugged every time I wrap up in this quilt. This has to be one of the most incredible gifts.”

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