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Employee Recognition

Marlene Heath is a RN for Canyon's Gilbert AZ Office. She goes above and beyond for all her patients and definitely is deserving of today's "Motivational Monday Employee Spotlight". We receive compliments from her patients continuously. Marlene had a patient that was asking for her dog that was unable to be with her. One day Marlene came to do her visit and noticed the patient was unexpectedly deteriorating rapidly. She called hospice for an evaluation then drove 5 hours one way to retrieve this patients beloved Chihuahua. Marlene paid for the service dog license so the patient could keep her pup in her apartment with her. The patient passed away 48 hours later. A 10 hour drive on her own dime and time to ensure her patient could be comforted with having her dog at her side while she passed deserves to be recognized. We are so grateful for your love and compassion Marlene!

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